PPR Pipe

PPR pipePP-R pipe provides a heat-resistance, long life usage, anti-pressure etc…
Water being essential in everyone`s life it mixes when it meets metal or other chemical materials, so it creates certain pollution when we use water from the metal, or normal plastic pipes, but all these questions never happened with PP-R pipes. It doesn’t react with chlorine and other elements contained in water and  material used is ecologically safe and does not produce harmful emissions upon use.

One of the best advantages is its simple instalment. Its 5-7 times faster compare to steel pipes.

Advantages of PPR Pipe
- sanitary guarantee and free-poison
- temperature maintenance and energy saving
- reliable and convenient installation
- anticorrosion and antiscale
- light in weight, high strength and flexibility
- long life usage
- aesthetic appearance and friendly environment protection
- reasonable production cost

PPR Pipe can be used for Hot and cold water application, for transportation of all kinds of liquid foods, for piping system in Industries like transportation of aggressive fluids (acids, chemicals, alkalis etc.) and for conveying compressed air.
It is also used in piping in agricultural use and can be applied to under-floor heating pipes.

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