PPR Pipe Products


The pipe adds an aluminum alloy on the base of PP-R pipe, using macromolecule cement under a high temperature. This pipe is the perfect union of metal and plastic pipe but has the hygienic, hermetic of plastic pipe, the rigidity of metal pipe, a much higher intensity, much more stable mechanical property at the same time.



This pipe combines advantages of both PP-R  and FRPP pipe. It is composite pipe of three layers: PPR/glass fiber/PPR. inside and outside layers of which are made of excellent PP-R material; middle layer is the new material mixed glass fiber and pp-r material.


PPR Stainless Steel Composite PipePPR Steel Pipe

This pipe is mostly used:

A)In portable water pipe networks for cold and warm water installations, for residential buildings, hospitals, hotels, school and office buildings, and shipbuilding
B) Pipe networks for rainwater utilization systems
C) Pipe networks for compressed air plants
D) Pipe networks for swimming pool facilities
E) Pipe networks for solar plants
F) Pipe networks in agriculture and horticulture
G) Heating pipes for residential housing
H) Pipe networks for industry, transport of aggressive fluids (acids, alkali)
I) Transport of liquid food

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